Our vision

The dominant medium


An immersive experience is an illusory environment that completely surrounds you such that you feel that you are inside it and part of it. Thanks to advancements in AR/VR technology they become the dominant new medium for content.

No longer limited to the page, the screen, the stage, or the arena, XR allows us to crack open the void, creating simulated environments to live and breath in, experiencing emotions, fostering community, learning, making and feeling things as never before.

Xmas Labs platform creates and manages location-based XR experiences.

Our unique approach helps us focus on deeply immersive experiences in the real world with all its dimensions. Instead of supporting generic XR content triggered by simple anchors like picture or QR Code, we use physical location digital twin. Combined with our software, helps interior designers and developers create spaces where physical and virtual elements are equally important. We deliver context aware XR experiences making your space next-generation computing platform.
How it works

Our way to create XR experience

Our platform allows creators to easily and seamlessly develop XR productions with spatial awareness

Location Digital Twin

Create a virtual copy of your location or pick existing one.

Virtual layer

Add interactive virtual content to your space creating mixed reality.

Publish experience

Make experience available for visitors. Let them discover using the app or physical sticker.

Feel the magic

Experience physical space like never before using Mobile AR or VR/AR headset.
Our toolbox

Xmas Labs Studio AR/VR tool

We provide a range of tools for artists and developers to help them create rich XR experiences tightly connected with the physical space. Studio lives in the center of it.

Space mapper

Take advantage of our build-in space mapper working with range of 3D scanning sensors.

In place editor

Spatial challenges require spatial tools! Our AR/VR first tools put you directly into the space giving you a better understanding of designed experience.

Code-free engine

Our advanced trigger engine helps you create rich, interactive experiences without line of code. Unless you want it!

Cloud-based publishing

Xmas Labs Cloud helps you store all your XR experiences and deliver them seamlessly to a wide range of AR/VR-enabled mobile devices and headsets.
Immersive productions

The Snow Maiden story

The Snow Maiden is an immersive experience based on Slavic folklore. The multi-city public beta demonstrates the platform’s capabilities inviting guests experience XR as never before.

Stay tuned for the updates and in the meantime play with our cool AR Filters:

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